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Fall in Love with Running

Written by  Tuesday, 02 February 2016 01:39

Pump the breaks


For some reason people have the tendency to start out too fast when picking up a new hobby. We develop a picture in our heads of what something is supposed to look like, but we are wrong. Embrace a slow start so that you can build endurance without outdoing yourself.  You’ll thank yourself later.



Listen Up 


Sometimes running is a good way to clear your foggy thoughts.  We all enjoy using it as a personal therapy tactic, but when you’re just starting to run, it can be painful to hear your labored breathing. Create a playlist that motivates you, or find some good podcasts to elongate your run.  Most people wouldn’t consider listening to podcasts while running, but it can be a good way to distract your mind.


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Gear Up


Going for a run can easily become an excuse for rewarding yourself, but don’t do it! You might dream of it while running, but it starts a vicious cycle of needing to run because you ate. Instead get in some gear that makes you feel amazing. Invest in a good pair of running shoes that make you feel like a runner. Make your workout comfortable.


Starting to run isn’t easy, so you better make sure your avoiding blisters or injuries! The right gear is a piece that we often don’t allow ourselves at first, thinking it’s just for “advanced” runners. Not true.



Log it


There is something powerful about seeing your workouts pile up and comparing your progress over time. Seeing your progress on paper is motivating; write it loud and proud! Seeing those numbers each week makes your commitment real, proving that you’re doing something good for yourself. Setting goals and seeing them on paper will help your realize that you CAN accomplish your goals and more.




It is easy to become a big talker when it comes to new commitments (refer to point one… take is slow). You can also help yourself by making a schedule. Once you have running in your calendar for the same time every week, an amazing thing happens…you start planning your day, your food, and your life around that run without even knowing it.


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Be proud of yourself no matter the progress you make.  It can be discouraging to see others running further and making it easy, but like anything else in life – we all have to start somewhere.  


Running marathons gives you the opportunity to realize that you’re in control of your body.  As you set your goals higher and you reach them, you become more able to push yourself.  Your first goal may be one mile, but just because you aren’t running 13 miles, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud.  If you’re looking for some extra motivation, read stories and testimonies about how running changes your life – I swear we aren’t the only ones who think so.


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