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5 Tips to Stay in Shape this Holiday Season

Written by  Friday, 18 December 2015 20:06
5 Tips to Stay in Shape this Holiday Season runtosucceed.com

In the midst of the holiday season it is easy to drop routine and pick up the cookies. As we stare holiday parties, thanksgiving, and Christmas in the face it is important to continue your running routine, training for your time and your waste band of your jeans.


To survive the seasonal festivities of endless eating, follow these 5 tips to staying on track while enjoying the holiday season.


·      Plan – If you know you’re headed to a holiday party and food will be served, plan out what you are going to eat in advance. This way, going into the party you don’t have to worry about making poor on the fringe decisions.  Walk in confident and knowing what you will consume.


·      Eat often – Like all times of the year, it is important to eat small snacks to fuel your metabolism. Don’t let the holiday season lead to eating large meals only.  Make sure to keep eating high protein meals and keep your eating frequent!


·      Take it up a notch – While you’re working out take advantage of this as a time to kick up the intensity to make up for the cookies that come with the holiday season.  Boosting your running pace can help you burn extra calories and boost your metabolism, while improving your time. 


·      Run early – Getting your run in right away means getting it out of the way.  If you plan to run right away in the morning, you can go through your day guilt free.  This may mean setting an early alarm, but at least you can live assured that your running routine won’t get debunked but an impromptu to holiday gathering.


·      Eat Breakfast – NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST.  This can lead to over eating later, failure to jump-start your metabolism, and faulty rationalization that you “deserve” those cookies later.  Have a protein and fiber filled breakfast to keep you full and satisfied. 


I know -- it sounds easier than it actually is, but if you follow these five simple rules, your life will be easier.  Avoid the buffet table and minimize eating holiday specialties (One frosted cookie can be up to 400 calories!).  Get your run in daily and you’ll be good to go. Happy Holidays!


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